To err is human, to forgive divine.

But to really mess things up
you need a computer!

Error 404

And the Browser said unto the Visitor, "Seek ye first the link to thy page. Click it and all these things shall be added unto thee".
   Browser 6.0, Microsoft Edition

But the Visitor said unto the Browser, "The link is not working. I seem to have taken the wrong path and I find myself in a strange place staring at an error message."

And the Web Server said unto the Visitor, "The page which you are seeking is not available. I have served up many pages unto you but the page you are with is not the one you have requested."
   Apache Web Server 1.3.27, Unix Edition

And the Webmaster said unto the Visitor, "Go ye back to the place from which ye have come. Drink ye from the Well of Refreshing, after which ye may venture forth upon the path of thy choosing.

  1. Click ye first upon thy Browser's "Back" button.
  2. Click ye next upon thy Browser's "Refresh" button.
  3. Then click ye upon the link of thy choosing once again.

"But woe unto ye if this is not a one-time event and thy Web Server has not repented of its wicked ways. It shall cause ye to wail and to moan and to gnash thy teeth and to rend thy clothing as ye beateth thy head against a wall made of stone."

Thus sayeth the Webmaster at Scripture Insights Dot Com:

"Present unto me thine petitions that I may cause the Web Server to mendeth the errors of its ways. I shall make straight the paths for others, that they may not stray and become lost as ye have. I would not that those who come after ye shall have to endure such trials and tribulations as ye have.

"Address ye these petitions to the Webmaster @ ScriptureInsights.Com and be certain to include the name of the page ye had requested: /404.shtml

"Or go ye to the Home Page where ye shall find a tablet listing the other pages ye may visit."

And all was good in the land and the people rejoiced. Yay!