Pain and Suffering
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Pain and Suffering are Part of Life
We have no "right" to be free from pain and suffering
Scripture tells us to expect suffering
God suffers
Our priorities are not God's priorities
Why Do Pain and Suffering Exist?
We cannot fully understand this issue
We live in an imperfect world
1. The rebellion of satan
2. The fall in Eden
3. There will be a world without pain and suffering
Pain and suffering serve a useful function
    1. The physical body
2. Responsibility for our choices
3. God uses suffering as a way to train and strengthen us
4. Pain and joy may be connected
5. God wants us to love him for who he is and not what he does for us
Why Me?
Why painful things can happen
    1. Some things just happen
2. Forces of evil
3. Self-inflicted pain
4. Suffering caused by God
5. Testing and strengthening
6. Illness and injury
Why is this thing happening to me?
Beware of pat answers
How Do We Deal With Pain and Suffering?


Scripture 02/04/2002